Mobile gaming has a special charisma which engages the person without distracting their minds and eyes for a while. They have an exceptional enticement in them. People of every age group exhibit commensurate ardor. When it comes to classic games every eye gummed to the screen of their smartphones, they become entirely unconcerned about their surroundings. These virtual reality games attain astounding acceptance. With the advent of smartphones, these games attain much popularity than earlier. There was a time when average users of smartphones are business person but now the trend changes completely, the teenagers are the one who uses the smartphones more on their daily basis.

About Clash of Clans

Clash of clans popularly abbreviated as COC is the best example of the classic addictive game which captivates a huge population towards it. It is a freemium game involving various types of strategy, which is a strategy of pricing, under which the software is completely chargeless and can be accessed by anyone but if a user wants to be benefited by additional features or services some money is charged for the same. This game is available on iTunes for iOS from 2nd of August, 2012 and on Google play store for androids from 7th of October 2013 with timely updates. This is a fantasy-themed game which is placed in a virtual world where the 1st player is the head of the village. The task of the player is to build and perfectly frame their own township, but the twist is that they have very defined resources that can be used for building the town. Resources are achieved and gained when the player with their clan attacks on other player’s town, accessing various features accessible to those players. Main resources available in the game are Dark elixir, Elixir and Gold. This is one of the most popular online game which provides a hub that allows players from all over the world to come and play together. They can play together and can execute numerous strategies. Players can adjoin together to create clans. Fifty player’s clan can participate in a clan war. They can receive as well as donate their troops. A very striking feature of this game is that players along with playing also can chat with each other which makes this game more engaging.


This addictive online game offers multiplayer to come together on an online platform to form their communities, train their troops which is called their clans. The only source of earning free resources is to attack other online players. There are distinct resources or currencies are available in this game. Elixir and Gold can be used by players to reload and construct the defenses which benefit the player in defending them from the intrusion of other players. Upgrading and training troops and spells is also a very important part of this game, for this player needs Dark elixir and Elixir. It also has a premium currency in the form of gem. Attacks on the players are judged and rated on a scale of three stars. The maximum time frame for any attack is three minutes. This game has one more feature in which a single player can start a campaign in which they can attack an armored village of goblin, through this, they can earn various resources. The game starts only with two builders but it is up to the player that in which way they want to start, whether with two builders or more than two, by default there are two builders but they own five builders by buying through gems.

Cheats and Hacks For Clash of Clans

Playing games is very refreshing but sometimes it can be irritating also. If a player needs to earn more resources then, in that case, they try to hack or use some types of cheats to access unassessed resources. But if someone visit site to look for the hack of this game then they can expeditiously bundled with lots of vendors available online selling various cheats and hacks for the resources. Most of the available cheat or hack tools are designed for spreading malicious bugs and software which retrieves the personal information of the user. So, avoid providing personal information to those software’s. Whenever one search for the guide to get unlimited resources for the game, in the end, they find the outdated tool filled with malware. But you can visit many sites having many genuine tools and hacks which actually make your day because these hacks can actually work. Using these tools can actually give you access to unlimited resources and jewels. These hacks and tools are available for both iOS and Android. They can unlock the resources without end.

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Using updated hacks and tools are very important for the players otherwise, if the main server detects that player is using any third party app or any hack or cheat for accessing unlimited resources, they barred the player this result in the loss of all the progress in the game. Sometimes they block the game for the user who tries to intrude in their privacy policy. But there are many apps are using the technology which adopts updated tricks timely which helps the player to access the resources without being caught by the game’s server. That is why it is very important to use that tool which updates themselves on a regular basis to enjoy the game seamlessly.