Hello beautiful! You already know: there are so many types of beauty treatments, specific to each type of need that sometimes it is very difficult to find one that suits what we want. Not to mention the number of trends that becomes fashionable! Depending on the result you want or what you need (a thorough facial cleansing, a semi-permanent makeup, correct a defect, wear a new look or combat the signs of ageing), you have many treatments to choose from. 2018 is just around the corner and with this New Year, you will also have new opportunities to get a clean and smooth skin. In 2018 you have more opportunities to make your facial skin amazing without spots or marks, but for this, you will have to know some things about facial cleansing that perhaps in this 2018 you have not yet discovered.

Do you want to know what aesthetic treatments exist, at what age they are recommended and what is the best time of the year to do it? Who else who has ever thought less about the possibility of undergoing some aesthetic treatment to end that problem of our face that we dislike so much: spots, acne, wrinkles, sagging, The facial treatment aim to improve the health and appearance of our skin, improving their status and helping us to feel more security and confidence. These are the goals of a facial spa, a complete beauty treatment that tries to achieve through relaxation and treatments that the woman feels like the protagonist for a few hours.

In a facial treatment has the first objective is to feel relaxed and calm, so the environment is of the utmost importance. To achieve the greatest effectiveness, the next step will be to carry out a complete analysis of the skin, to detect which are the biggest problems that it suffers and to carry out the treatment with the most appropriate creams for each type of skin.


Treatment of a facial to regenerate and rejuvenate the face

Second, we must perform a complete cleaning of the skin to remove any remaining makeup, impurities and dead cells. This cleansing is accompanied by a gentle massage that helps to relax the skin and make the cream penetrate more easily. You can also do a steam treatment that helps open the pores.

Exfoliation is another way to eliminate dead cells and leave the skin more luminous. To continue with the facial spa we must perform a treatment with collagen veil. This system, recommended even for sensitive skin, aims to moisturize and nourish the skin by stimulating the production of collagen and has a rejuvenating effect.

The facial treatment:

The deep facial cleansing is intended to hasten the process of skin renewal by causing the detachment of dead cells. Undoubtedly the sun, wind, smog, cigarette, makeup, etc., prevent the normal functioning of the skin. For this, it is vital to perform a deep facial cleansing on a monthly basis so that the skin renews its cells, cleanses the pores and effectively penetrates the creams and lotions that we use daily. In this way, with a good periodic facial cleansing, we delay premature ageing.


  • Hydrated skin
  • Clean skin, free of impurities and black spots
  • Facilitates the optimal absorption of cosmetic products
  • Prevents premature ageing


Our facial cleansing consists of 4 stages:

1st stage: we proceed to sanitize, cleansing face and neck.

2nd stage: we proceed to soften and eliminate dead cells through exfoliants and other products that facilitate the extraction of blackheads, Lilium and pustules. Here we also use the vaporizer.

3rd stage: we provide active ingredients indicated according to the type of skin through massages and facial mask.

4th and final stage: we protect the skin with a cream indicated according to the skin, as well as sunscreen.


  • Must be done with a frequency of 28 days due to the process of cell renewal.
  • Apply cleaning and treatment products at home according to the type of skin.
  • Drink water constantly.

Then we must clean the skin of any remaining mask that we have used, for which we will use a facial tonic applied gently all over the face. We will finish the treatment by applying a cream to hydrate the skin, for which we must use a facial cream appropriate to our personal characteristics. The masks used in the field of domestic facial treatment as an intensive cure, within the protocol of skin care therapy, since inactive condition, a mask contains a greater proportion than creams, but do not work in the field of protection of the skin, so that the masks are recommended to use at night, before going to sleep, when the skin is less aggressed by external conditions.

There are three types of masks according to their texture: it is a, creamy or fabric impregnated with active ingredients. The masks, in general, are usually more soothing and moisturizing, the cream more nutritious and impregnated fabrics the more moisturizing and with the greater concentration of assets.

Masks for facial treatment

The use of masks should not be done continuously, but interspersed with daily care, once or twice a week depending on the degree of the problem to be treated. Among the problems to be treated are, on the one hand, the purifying masks for the treatment of oily skin, which must be removed after a short time and treating the skin with a tonic afterwards. Facial treatment impregnated with active ingredients, which have an anti-wrinkle and active effect, are made of a fabric, so we must always remove it before going to sleep. Finally, the cream masks can act throughout the night, since the biological rhythms are slower and facilitate the absorption of the assets.

In addition to its use as an enhancement of homemade facial treatments, they are recommended as shock therapy the night before important social events (weddings, parties, etc.). If you want to highlight a party, the masks are essential for your skin to be soft and luminous, but do not forget that daily care is also necessary so that the masks can give the desired effect.