The aquarium led lighting has turned the rest of the luminaires into obsolete technology. The great advantages provided by LEDs have been relegated to other technologies.

LED aquarium light

The development of light emitting diodes, also called LED (Light Emitting Diodes) , has revolutionized all LED lighting for aquariums. LEDs are electronic chips that shine when current passes through them. Nowadays LED technology is used in almost all lighting applications, from car lights to lampposts. Even huge video screens in stadiums and concerts. LED technology has been incorporated into aquarium lighting as well. The aquarium led lighting are mounted in the aquarium on “legs” that rest on top of the aquarium. And there are also those that hang from the ceiling.

As we have been saying, the technological level in LED lighting for aquariums ranges from the most basic lamp to led light for high-tech aquariums. The most basic led fish tank lights use a minimum amount of low-end LED circuits to illuminate the aquarium. This may be perfect for a simple, medium-sized community aquarium. Here you can see basic LED lamps for your aquarium. The basic LED aquarium lamps can be controlled with a conventional timer that attaches to the wall. In the next category the led lamps for aquarium add more LEDs for better lighting coverage. In addition, they usually provide a timer on and off.

The high-end aquarium led lighting focuses exclusively on the lighting requirements of planted aquariums and reef tanks with live corals. These lights for LED aquariums are usually designed and assembled internally using premium components. The aquarium led lighting is to take into account when thinking about keeping plants, corals or similar bodies in the aquarium.

So, what are you waiting for?

Explore the market and select the best LED lights for aquarium. But … do you know how to choose the best LED lights for aquariums? Keep reading, below we see the key factors to take into account when choosing the light of your aquarium.

The Best LED Lamps For Aquarium

Below we will see some of the leading led aquarium lighting systems available in the market in 2018. Each of them has its own benefits and its own way in which it could potentially be the best LED available today. The needs must be considered and the choice made with criteria.

Nicrew LED Lamp For Aquarium

The Nicrew Aquarium LED light is a basic LED lamp for freshwater aquariums. It has a combination of blue and white LEDs. The lighting modes it has are white light for normal aquarium lighting and blue for moonlight effect. The white daylight mode really combines the white and blue LEDs. The nocturnal blue color is more tenuous. This LED lighting for aquarium is controlled by a rocker switch with three positions. It can be selected off, daylight or moonlight. This LED screen, which you can see on Amazon following this link , is mounted on the aquarium profile and comes in 4 different adjustable sizes :

  1. 30 – 50 cm
  2. 50 – 70 cm
  3. 72 – 92 cm
  4. 95 – 115 cm

The Nicrew does not have a programmable timer or attenuation function. The intensity of light or color cannot be changed. The lamp holder is adjustable allowing a perfect fit for each aquarium. The plastic legs have a U-shaped channel that fits on top of the aquarium. This achieves a great stability of the lamp and prevents the light from falling into the water when accidentally hit when performing the maintenance of the aquarium.


  • LED lighting for aquarium simple to use.
  • No programming is needed to use the light.
  • Economic price
  • It provides adequate light for the growth of living plants.

Kessil LED A360WE Focus For Aquarium

This LED aquarium accessory is designed for the lighting of reef aquariums . It is designed to hang from a bracket or ceiling mount. The Kessil A360WE series features patented LED arrays assembled at the Kessil factory in California. Through a system called Kessil Logic , you can select the perfect spectrum and color with a knob and then adjust the intensity with another knob. As you can see the Kessil A360WE aquarium LED light bulb comes with two models:

  1. Tuna Sun full spectrum
  2. Blue Tuna with blue light.

When connected in series, the first A360 acts as the master unit, propagating its configuration to all other lights in the chain. The A360WE series also has a port that allows lamps to be governed by several autonomous aquarium controllers. The spectrum of light produced ranges from 10,000K to actinic blue.


  • LED lighting device for high quality aquarium.
  • Easy to adjust the lighting spectrum.
  • Able to connect in series manually.
  • It works with external controllers.

Current USA Orbit LED Light For Aquarium

This LED light has been designed for marine fish aquariums and especially reef tanks with live corals. Current USA Orbit LED light for marine aquarium is the first marine LED lamp that incorporates an actinic style dual LED chip and dual daylight style LED chip in a single lamp. The combination of white LEDs of 8000K / 12000K together with actinic blue LEDs of 445nm / 460nm recreates the spectrum of light needed for marine fish, living rocks and corals.

This aquarium led lighting; which you can find, uses 120-degree lenses that spread light throughout the aquarium so that all areas of the tank are illuminated. The led lighting for aquarium can be controlled with the wireless remote control. The Ramp Timer Pro function creates a 24-hour progressive dawn, sunset and moonlight for a natural rhythmic light cycle. The timer provides a slow ignition to acclimate the fish gently to bright lighting.


  • The advanced LED chip design provides full-spectrum reef lighting.
  • The remote control allows controlling the led lighting for aquarium from the sofa.
  • Easy programming
  • It comes with four automatic lighting presets.