Talking about vehicles, like any subject of general interest, always generates the elaboration of stories rich in fantasies and exaggerations. Many times the ignorance, or simply those ordinary fables that become so frequent when entering the automotive world, derive in different stories that could distance us from reality, or nest in us unnecessary ideas and fears, giving rise to the myth of used vehicles. When trying to buy used cars in fontana for example, it is common that various concerns arise that make us doubt whether or not to specify the purchase, or worse, and also just as usual to happen, fall into scams or scams. Therefore, it is important to illustrate a little about this subject, and not to classify cars as an enigma, a complex mystery or incognito inaccessible to us.

It is not necessary to be a mechanic with long experience to detect and take into account key and simple aspects when it comes to wanting to sell or buy a car. If our desire is the acquisition of a used vehicle, although the forecasts to be made should always be more insistent than if it were an agency car, it does not necessarily mean that it is unwise or “bad” to opt for this alternative. A similar zero kilometers can come with factory defects, as well as electrical or mechanical failures. Therefore it is essential to be willing to make a preventive review free of myths and stories that are not true. It becomes indispensable to remove from us those common exaggerations and instruct us in a subject that is not as complex as many believe.

It is true that by opting for used cars in fontana would not have the mandatory guarantee offered by any dealer. But it is also true that many of these cars, by their very condition of being used, have already been subjected to various repairs that include installation of new parts. They are products to which errors have been corrected. They have done work that requires the owner’s manual by mileage or time. An example of this is the powertrain. Remember that any problem regarding the suspension or damping of the vehicle cannot be disguised or take shortcuts, because if there is a fault it will always generate noise. So that the seller has already been obliged to replace any damaged part, be it bushing, ball joint, base or shock absorber,

As buyers we must be insistent, not only with the body, but also with the engine. This applies to both new and used cars. It is not necessary that we know about horsepower, pistons, camshaft, crankshaft, or the theoretical operation of the Otto cycle. Just open the hood and listen if there is some unusual sound with the vehicle ignited (an optimal engine does not sound or move). The metallic noises anticipate problems of lubrication and wear of parts that are always delicate and extremely expensive. Observing the working motor will also be useful to rule out intonation and compression faults. Any abrupt and persistent movement that this emits will be an example of a defective operation in a cylinder, either due to lack of spark, fuel injection, or the failure of coils or a certain sensor.

In our inspection at used cars in fontana we do not trust the warning lights indicated by the instrument panel. Many times the fault can exist and the indicator does not alert us, since the computer may be giving erroneous readings, hence the importance of stopping to observe and listen, as well as discarding that no black smoke escapes from the exhaust pipe. white, often synonymous with intake-exhaust valves, or worn tires . Apart from the engine, the correct electrical functioning of the vehicle must be verified. Not always a light that does not turn on is due to a burned-out bulb. Behind this fault there may be a problem of wiring or short circuit that in any workshop is synthesized in a difficult and expensive repair.

Beyond these precautions, we must take into account the reality surrounding the purchase of a vehicle. And in case our choice is based on that of a used one, today there are certain advantages: They are more economical than one of agency; we can prove it without compromises, thus allowing to detect irregularities in fundamental elements such as the gearbox, the brakes, or the acceleration body; If we go to a certain sale of used cars this needs to strengthen and maintain a certain reputation, so selling good vehicles will be in their priorities. Remember also that the vehicle faults speak. They are faults that tend to be noisy or visible: Oil cans, coolant, worn belts. But whatever our choice,

The cars are manufactured to be used. The repercussions of new cars waiting years to be purchased can be equally serious: motor oil paste, damaged tires, rusted parts. Let us never forget that a vehicle not only makes it optimal or profitable for its paint or for what material its seats are covered. It should be known that they are machines that also depend on preventive maintenance, as well as a suspension that dampens, a motor with force, or a box in which the different changes apply; they are elements that we can find in good form both in an agency vehicle and in one that has had a previous owner. It is only a matter of sharpening a little the sight and the ear at the time of review, and of leaving of side to the prejudice of which the used only refers to wear, to old, to the deteriorated of which it is wanted to get out of the way.

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