A Hollywood’s age does not matter. Or at least so one would say to look at the success of the new generation of actors, all under 30 years old. Well-known names (to name just one Jennifer Lawrence ) or not, but faces in any case easily identifiable with the protagonists of very successful films of recent years.

  1. Jennifer Lawrence

It is the real precious gem of the new generation of Hollywood. Sunny, spontaneous, ironic, and beautiful, she managed to win an Oscar almost without realizing it at the age of 23 and awkwardly fell on the stairs of the Dolby Theater a few minutes later to collect the statuette. Is it our? Imitating jay? from the Hunger Games saga, the X-Men mutant Mystica, and the easy-going shot from American Hustle. But she is always beautiful and, above all, very good.

  1. Shailene Woodley

Are fantasy sagas good for their young protagonists? It seems so if we can name three, and only for women, in our ranking. In just 24 years, Shailene Woodley has come a long way. Some may remember her as the clumsy teenager from The Secret Life of an American Teenager, but very little remains of that immature girl. After a series of successful films like Bitter Paradise (in which she starred up to George Clooney), the fantasy saga Divergent, and the blockbuster film The Fault of the Stars, Shailene is ready to take flight for good. How? Apparently, a certain Oliver Stone has chosen her as the protagonist for his next film.

  1. Nicholas Hoult

We just admired the perfect interpretation of the sick and emaciated fighter-bombers in Mad Max: Fury Road by George Miller, but the beautiful English eyes of ice is now a regular customer of the big screen since, only twelve years old, he has convinced really all in the role of the young Marcus in About a Boy by Chris & Paul Weitz. Since then, his participation in the British cult series Skins, and X-Men role, and a long love story with Jennifer Lawrence have made him one of the most loved young actors by teenagers around the world. That all the Mad Max dust manages to? Dirty? a little bit of that pretty face?

  1. Logan Lerman

Percy Jackson is growing up. And apparently just fine. We had already understood this after the beautiful, intense, and unforgettable interpretation of the young Charlie, the protagonist of the cult film We are infinite, but if this were not enough here is the dazzling performance in Fury, where he proves to be a flexible, expressive and mature actor, to the point of overshadowing even a gigantic Brad Pitt. I forgot, the boy is only 23 years old. We will see some good ones.

  1. Emma Watson

An actress who needs no introduction and not just because with her – and with the eight films of the Harry Potter saga – an entire generation has grown up. Emma? Hole? literally the screen with a simplicity and a seriousness that perhaps even the most mature and famous stars should take as an example. She is a style icon and testimonial of some luxury brands, but she is also a United Nations ambassador and spokesperson for UN Woman, the United Nations organization that deals with the condition of women in the world. And the acting? Having stopped (definitively?) In the role of Hermione Granger, we saw her next to Logan Lerman in We are infinite and as the protagonist of Sofia Coppola’s Bling Ring. Harry Potter who?

  1. Britt Robertson

The young actress from North Carolina – born in 1990 – has succeeded in the not easy feat of being on the big screen at the same time with two different films and with two exceptional male partners: she is in fact in these days in theaters in the science fiction Tomorrowland next to George Clooney and the romantic comedy The Answer is in the Stars, alongside another of the protagonists of our ranking, Scott Eastwood. What else to say? We will definitely hear about it.

  1. Scott Eastwood

If the surname were not enough, there is that face to say everything. Bad blood does not lie and apparently, Scott Eastwood did not only take from his father the icy eyes, the penetrating gaze, and the undoubted charm. There is also the talent and love for cinema that he inevitably observes and breathes since he was a child but which is now preparing to live in the first person. After small parts in some productions signed by his father and a cameo in Fury, Scott Eastwood is now the protagonist of a romantic comedy made just to make the remaining 50% fall in love with women who have not already capitulated just looking him in the face: The answer is in the stars. The surname is certainly cumbersome, but to have those icy eyes is a compromise to accept.

  1. Emma Stone

He certainly needs no introduction and indeed, looking at his filmography, it really amazes us that we are less than thirty years old (27 to be precise). Emma Stone is one of those rare actresses capable of making people laugh without being ridiculous, as in the hilarious Easy Girl, but also of intense and dramatic interpretations as in the award-winning Birdman, where she plays the role of Sam Thomson, daughter of the protagonist, a role that it also earned her her first Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress. We look forward to seeing her at the cinema in the unusual capacity of an aircraft pilot in Cameron Crowe’s Under the Hawaiian Sky. And we are sure it will be perfect as ever.

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