Now that the kids are on vacation and have more free time, it’s the perfect time for them to start a new sporting activity. Sometimes it can be difficult to choose the best sport, but there are recommended activities for certain ages, for different personalities, and for the specific needs of each child. Today on the Moya Sports blog we want to share with you some proposals on the most appropriate sport according to your child’s personality.

Before we get down to work with it, we would like to emphasize that the final decision always has to be the children. He has to like it and he has to want to play, we can never force him, no matter how much we like that sport or no matter how highly recommended it is.

Shy Kids

A good option for shy children to lose that embarrassment and learn to get along with other classmates in team sports. For example, soccer, basketball, handball, volleyball … any sport that involves talking with others and working as a team is a good alternative. Not only moments on the field or track will help him, but times in the locker room and team celebrations will allow him to “let loose”, show his emotions, socialize and share experiences with other children.

Nervous And Restless Children

Many children tend to be quite nervous and lose concentration very quickly because they need to be constantly doing something that entertains them. To calm this restlessness, individual sports such as swimming, athletics, or cycling can be highly recommended. They are sports that require concentration and effort, so they will be able to release all the adrenaline they have inside. They will arrive home exhausted and wanting to be calm and rest.

Perfectionist Children

Perfectionist children stand out for having a lot of self-control, which is why they can be very good at sports such as tennis, rhythmic gymnastics, or martial arts. These are very technical sports that demand a high degree of perfection, so they can fit well in those disciplines.

Strong Children

Children who are confident in themselves tend to fit in very well in sports such as rugby.

“Rebellious” Children With Lack Of Discipline

One of the most recommended sports is martial arts such as taekwondo, judo, or karate. All of them involve a series of very strict rules and very perfectionist movements, so it will help them channel their energy and be more disciplined.

We hope that these recommendations will help you. And always remember that the little one has to be happy with the sports activity they choose. The moment you stop enjoying yourself and start to be too heavy an obligation, it’s time to stop. Sports, many times, are also stages. The children must practice as many as they want until, most likely, they end up deciding on one of them.

And if you are looking for sports equipment for that new sport that is about to start, at Deportes Moya you will find specific sections for each sporting activity. We will wait for you!