Many of the celebrities in Hollywood are extremely rich, but the group that can be called billionaires is very small. The difference is that they not only stood out in their industry, but they used their success to create other income. And no, Kylie Jenner is not on the list, as perhaps many images from that cover, because since then many things (her fortune) have changed.

George Lucas

The Stars Wars franchise made Lucas the richest man in entertainment. Thanks to the sale of the production of his studio, Lucasfilm to Disney, which gave him more than 4 billion dollars. Since then, the universe has been expanded by Disney, with hit series like The Mandalorian on Disney Plus and many more from across the galaxy in production between now and 2023. We’ve got a list of all the upcoming movies.

Steven Spielberg

The director is basically the originator of the term “blockbuster.” Since the release of Jaws (1975), hits such as ET, Indiana Jones, and Jurassic Park followed, of which new movies are still being produced. But Spielberg’s wealth comes from producing other blockbusters that we see every month in the cinema, even before the pandemic.

Oprah Winfrey

The entrepreneur and media pioneer, she has a net worth of more than three billion dollars and is the only woman among the 10 entertainment billionaires. The Oprah Winfrey Show made her one of her most influential women, but with her producer, Harpo, she made her wealth in other areas like film and publishing. About her story, we recommend you watch her chapter in the series Dear… on Apple TV+.

Kanye West

Despite his ramblings, troubles, and controversies in 2020, including trying to run for president, Kanye’s fortune remains intact. Her wealth from him comes not from music, but from his clothing brand Yeezy. Since 2019, he generated almost two billion dollars in income, and even with the Covid crisis, he generated the same as the previous year. The key? That West fully owns his sneaker brand, unlike Michael Jordan’s deal for Air Jordans with Nike.


There was a debate about whether Donald Trump belonged on the “celebrity” list, but they decided to drop it because before he became president, he was a businessman and reality TV celebrity.

Jami Gertz

Jami Gertz, 55, is an actress, philanthropist, and owner of a sports team worth around three billion. Most of Gertz’s value was due to her marriage to billionaire Tony Ressler, co-founder of Ares Management. The couple has shares in other teams such as the Atlanta Hawks and Milwaukee Brewers.

Michael Jordan

Jordan is the richest athlete in the world. But he didn’t earn his fortune from his work in the NBA, in total, he earned 94 million from the NBA salary. Neither with the Air Jordans. Although if he had millionaire contracts with sponsorships such as Nike and Gatorade, above all it comes from his investment in the Charlotte Hornets, a team he owns and of which he sold shares for up to 1.5 billion dollars each.

Paul McCartney

Along with John Lennon, he wrote some of the most famous songs in the world. In addition to those royalties, he has royalties from his solo songs and the world tours he’s done.


The rapper has a network valued at a billion dollars. In addition to selling millions of records, Jay-Z founded a record label: Roc-A-Fella Records. With this, he has managed to increase his wealth. Together with Beyoncé, they have a net worth of 1.4 billion dollars.

David Copperfield

The world’s most famous illusionist is also one of the world’s richest celebrities. In addition to the fortune he has made from television illusions of him, Copperfield has memorabilia valued at up to $500 million.

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