When it comes to competition, the numbers never lie. When one has more than 10,000 followers on Instagram, he can score marketing partnerships. These persons are called influencers as they help a product or a campaign reach the users in the quickest ways. Therefore, it has become a trend to buy followers for Instagram. There are extraordinary benefits in increasing the followers. Here are the top benefits and the reasons to have a greater number of followers. The article also solves the doubts on the benefits of Instagram followers

What does it mean to have more followers on Instagram?

Followers are the users that can:

  • see the photos posted
  • can see the posts
  • view the stories
  • send direct messages.

What is follower and following ratios?

An account that has few followers but follows a lot of people is a low – quality account. The accounts that have even ratio of followers and following numbers is normal. On the other hand, the users with more followers than following are great accounts. They can be influencers or celebrities.

How is follower/following ratio beneficial?

The users who share photos to share with family and friends do not worry about these ratios. However, influencers, business brands work hard to maintain the follower/following ratio. The ratio is important to maintain the reputation. If the ratio weakens, it means the number of people following is reducing. Simply, the user is losing popularity on the social network of Instagram.

Do Instagram followers bring money?

Yes. Some brands pay from $5 to $10 for every 1000 followers. Other brands pay $100 per 100 followers. The 3 main strategies to monetize the followers on Instagram are as follows

  1. Affiliate marketing
    1. It is an online sales tactics that allows a product owner to earn profit by targeting the audience
  2. Sponsored posts – Having more followers will bring in companies to promote their brand. The user can earn money by posting about the products. This is called sponsored posts.
  3. Selling own products and services

What are the benefits to get more followers?

  1. Get an instant kick start – If a person holds a small business, getting a quick response is challenging. When he intends to buy followers for Instagram it boosts his impression. With a considerable number of followers, he can develop his business to next stage.
  2. Easy growing of brand – Even an established company finds it difficult to popularize a brand and make profit out of it. For instance, Google plus. It was a huge failure. In spite of the popularity of the company, it failed to establish its product. Therefore, one has to take things seriously while marketing a new brand. On Instagram, brands with huge followers will be able to improve its presence online. Even a layman will get to learn about the brand.
  3. Exponential growth of popularity – On Instagram even the followers of followers will get noticed. This helps to enhance the network in a hassle – free manner. Once a follower likes a post, they will be notified about it to the other followers. This increases the views in the network
  4. Increase in number of website visits – Instagram provides an opportunity for its users to include links. Through these links one can fulfil all of their marketing needs. It helps to increase traffic to official the web pages of the products. The customers can learn technical details, working, price ranges, uses and application of the product in detail.
  5. Increase in revenue – As a person launches new product, his focus will obviously be on increasing the total sales. Increasing the popularity of the product through followers, adds on to the sales of the product. As more customers learn about it more intend to buy it as well
  6. Helps to enhance the credibility – Having a greater number of followers will help to stand ahead in the competitive crowd. As the credibility among the users increases, a high rate of success is promised.
  7. Power of social media – Promoting a product in social media is highly challenging. However, if one holds a good number of followers, walking through the competition is easy. One can also hire influencers to increase the growth of popularity of the new product. This will help a lot to boost reputation and ultimately benefits the brand
  8. Cross – platform audience – along with Instagram, every user holds Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts as well. After succeeding with a strategy of promotion on Instagram, the same can be used to optimizing products.
  9. Easy to augment with other marketing strategies – when marketing through Instagram gives 75% of success, it is sufficient to invest another 25% towards other marketing strategies outside social media
  10. Inexpensive – It does not need huge banners or land rents for posters, lightings or hot air balloon campaigns, media persons, etc. A computer expert, few influencers hired can easily complete the task in a few days.
  11. Increased presence in other social media networks as well – When the users discover large followers for the product on a particular network, the authenticity of the brand in the other social media platforms increases.

It definitely takes time to buy followers for Instagram. It requires dedication, genuine interest. Above all one has to gain the trust of their followers to constantly rule the marketing world.