Internet movie streaming sites provide a wide range of videos which gives the user a variety to choose from .It is becoming increasingly possible for people to opt online movie providers to their cable providers.This is due to the sheer variety of original content, movies and new TV shows that are available online. Movie streaming websites also have a significant economic and commercial value in the context of their reuse in broadcast, film, multimedia production and distribution. Online movie providers are convenient in the sense that you can access content anywhere anytime. This is attributed by the growth of mobile devices and networking technology. Internet providers for instance cellular networks and fibre optical have also contributed to easy internet access. The downloading option in some sites enables some of the online cmovies and TV shows to be saved for use when one is not online.

Copy righted services versus public view

  • Some of movie websites have their own rights while others are public views, Movie products with copy rights indicates that this movie cannot be duplicated, need some authentication for access or download if allowed. Products with copyrights are not allowed to be further reproduced, share or sold without the owner’s authentication. Some even requires the owner to provide permission for one to view. Licencing and agreement acceptance may apply.
  • For the public view you just have to enter into a site and view or download. Most of them do not even require you to register on to the site for you to access the content.Some of the disadvantages of public view are that the content may not be of good quality. Another problem is that the websites may not provide a wide variety. After all the content is given free you just need the internet. With Websites like Putlockers you can enjoy unlimited free movies and TV shows streaming online
  • Most public view and copyrighted sites will require you to sign up for their website to access free or sold content.

Comparing different Websites

If one wants to know which service is best for them they need to access sites that provide an oversight and comparison of various sites? This will help them identify which sites are offering your latest video that is TV shows and movies. Comparison is based on:

  • Max streaming quality. This is the maximum for all services provided you are using right phone.
  • Adjust streaming quality. Video quality can be controlled.
  • The quality of content can be described in terms of display resolution.
  • A user interactive interface is a key component while comparing sites.
  • This can be classified into subscription cost downloading data and time used for you to get the content
  • Title quantity. Most sites does not have official tally on the movies they provide.
  • Android versus IOS and PC. Some of streaming websites or apps are the same across different platforms but may differ in terms of interface or updates.
  • Ability to download. Some contents cannot be downloaded. Most people like downloading movies to watch while offline because of the limited internet access.
  • You can skip advertisements in the content that you are viewing.
  • Original movies. Some apps provide their own streaming movies.

Streaming media to your device

There are several ways of streaming media to your TV or other devices such as laptop and mobile phone. Getting movies to you phone or computer from the internet often requires just downloading. This is commonly applicable for the public view providers. Some sites such as Putlockers online index of hosted files and various websites used for films and television series. Other times one need to subscribe or register to a site and choose a plan for example:

  • Monthly plan e.g. $5/month
  • Annual plan

There are smart TVs which get movies steamed directly into the without using other intermediate devices. This TVs have inbuilt port which help them connect to the internet. Other options include using a streaming device that can hook up to an HDMI capable TV. A good example is the gaming devices. Deciding which streaming devices is most suitable for you can be very overwhelming. There are some sites some of which are movie streaming websites that provides a god comparison on the many devices. This aids you on making good decision on streaming devices. In general media streaming devices are simply awesome. The challenge is choosing which streaming device is good for you. Some devices give you an added advantage of watching free content which is worth from other sites. Others give you the option of accessing music services.

Disadvantage of Website Movie Streaming

  • When you go for the website movie and TV streaming you lose on live events such as entertainment and sports. This may however be termed as an advantage to some because they maybe don’t want such. For instance if you love some real time entertainments or TV shows, you have to watch them one day behind. Someone who love watching a certain sport may pay more to watch it online.
  • Another disadvantage is the fact that to some people website streaming is expensive than TV cable subscription.


  • One of the big advantages of website streaming is that you can watch what you want at any time everywhere you want. For the cable providers, the ability to DVR programs to watch later comes with an extra cost and you can easily find yourself run out on space on your DVR machine. By watching your content anywhere but your home can cost you more using cable services. However However with all the online options, tablet, iPhones, smartphones and even laptops mean you can take your entertainment anywhere provided you have access to internet or Wi-Fi. Also you can download and use offline.
  • Another advantage is that you got a variety to choose from. Websites can give a variety of movies and TV shows as compared to TV cable subscription where you watch only what is provided by the service provider.