The royalty has done everything to avoid scandals involving their members. However, it has not always succeeded and its history proves it (you can see a series on the subject for free here).

Many of the conflicts have arisen in the name of romance and for proof, we show you the 5 most scandalous stories of the royal family.

  1. Margarita’s whim with a captain

Margarita was known as one of the most rebellious princesses. And although her sister, Queen Elizabeth II, and her progenitor, known as the Queen Mother, tried to make her see reason, sometimes it was not easy.

When she was just 20 years old, she was captivated by an air force captain named Peter Townsend. He was deputy director of the Royal Household and was 16 years older than her. Besides, she was divorced.

The princess clung to the officer but finally gave up at the insistence of her mother and sister.

  1. The relationship between Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson

Not all scandals have emerged during the tenure of Queen Elizabeth II. Years before, when her grandfather – George V – was king, there was a member who caused several headaches for his family.

It was Edward VIII, Elizabeth’s uncle and heir to the throne. He rebelled against the rules and took no responsibility.

When George V passed away, his eldest son, Eduardo, wore the Crown, but only for less than a year, as he decided to resign his role for love.

He fell at the feet of Wallis Simpson, a divorced American. The young king knew that the people and his family would not accept his beloved, so he preferred to leave the throne.

George VI, the father of the current queen, took the lead and the story of his brother prevailed in the memory of many.

  1. The rumors in the relationship of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip

Currently, Elizabeth II is seen as a rigid woman and very attached to royal protocol, but this was not always the case.

She fell in love with her now-husband, Prince Philip, when she was a teenager. But her parents were against her marrying the handsome young man.

The princess did not give up and stood firm before her father, King George VI. He told her that if she was not allowed to join him in marriage, she would abdicate the throne so that she could be with the prince of Greece and Denmark.

But that was not the only scandal of their bond. After marrying, Felipe acquired a reputation as a womanizer, and the queen had to forgive him 3 infidelities: with the writer Daphne du Maurier, the actress Pat Kirkwood and Lady Penny Brabourne.

  1. Prince Charles’s infidelity with Camilla

Although Diana Spencer was adored by the English people, she was not viewed in the same way by her own husband, Prince Charles. The ‘princess of the people’ was prepared to be the queen consort, but there was something that made her change her mind: the betrayal of her husband.

He was always in love with Camilla Parker, who was his best friend. However, his parents did not allow him to marry her. After a few years of marriage, the two had an affair, which came to light due to an intimate call.

  1. Princess Margaret’s tumultuous marriage

After the failed affair, already mentioned, the princess fell in love with photographer Anthony Armstrong-Jones.

Their marriage gave much to talk about, as 450 years had passed since the last time a royal had married a commoner.

But that wasn’t the main fuss. The two were kept on the covers of newspapers and magazines for their mutual infidelities.

Finally, they separated in 1960, being the first divorce in the history of the British monarchy.