The steam cleaning at GreenWay Carpet cleaning is a technique that has finished taking root among users, thanks to its simplicity, speed, comfort and efficiency. The origin of the same and the instrument that makes it possible, we find in the Italy of the 80s. This device uses dry steam to clean rooms and eliminates odours or microorganisms, without having to resort to specific detergent or bactericidal products. GreenWay Carpet cleaning of carpets and carpets is a somewhat special service since the care of these in some cases can be very specific depending on the office or place where the carpet or carpet in question is located. For cleaning and maintenance, we recommend some tricks and tips that, in case you want to do this cleaning yourself, will come in handy.

If on the other hand, you are looking for a cleaning company that is responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of carpets and carpets in your office or building, this little guide will help you see the machinery we use, products and our experience in this service. The water is heated inside the steam vessel at a temperature of 90 degrees centigrade and the steam is released under pressure. Logically, the higher the pressure, the greater the cleaning power. The process is simple: steam is applied with the appliance and then cleaned with the corresponding accessory: brush, cloth, rubber lip, curls cover etc. The manufacturers and experts recommend passing, in the first place, the vacuum cleaner, in order to eliminate the bulk of the waste, to then make use of the steam wand. This device is ideal for cleaning difficult-to-access corners or porous materials, such as door or window joints, radiators, blinds, carpets, curtains, armchairs, etc.

There are different types of steam cleaning machines. We list them below:

  • They are the domestic steam vessels that we all know and that is also used in industrial cleaning.
  • Steam broom. Ideal apparatuses for the sanitation of floors.
  • Portable steam cleaning. Being wireless devices, they can be used to clean vehicles.
  • Vacuum cleaners with steam. They have the basic functions of steam vessels and, moreover, inhale.

Advantages of GreenWay Carpet cleaning

The use of steam cleaning is done with high-power devices, which facilitate the removal of, especially embedded stains. Sometimes, the use of this technique is the only viable alternative. On the other hand, the use of water is a guarantee of hygiene and sustainability, avoiding also the risks of poisoning and allergies to certain chemical products.

Price quality

We have an unrivalled offer of the highest quality at a price without competition in all the territory of the community of Madrid.

Latest technology

The use of the latest technology in cleaning machinery allows us to improve performance and reduce working time.

Periodic checks

Our periodic controls allow us to review the times, improve and speed up work and report possible incidents quickly.

Continuous training

Our training recycling service allows us to ensure higher quality and the adaptation of employees to our new technologies.

Emergency cleaning

We have an emergency cleaning service to mitigate possible incidents in the communities of our customers at any time.

Personalized customer

We have a personalized customer service to offer a higher quality cleaning service.

If your carpet or carpet is stained

Spilt liquids should be treated immediately to facilitate the cleaning of the spills they may produce. It is important because the more time passes and the drier the stain the harder it will be to remove it.

Your carpet and carpet requires annual maintenance

Every year, it is also a good idea to carry out a thorough carpet cleaning to remove all the embedded dirt that cannot be removed during the weekly maintenance. Changing positions may seem silly but will cause more regular and uniform wear.

Vacuums your carpets frequently:

One of the most important tips for the proper maintenance and cleaning of carpets and carpets is to vacuum both sides several times a week, especially if:

  • You have pets or pets enter the premises.
  • You have children or pass through the area of the carpet.
  • It is a very busy place since particles of sand, dust and hairs will accumulate that will cause the appearance of mites.

Other advantages of steam cleaning, domestic or industrial, are:

  • The devices used are capable of cleaning different types of surfaces: glassware, tiles, carpets, sofas, cushions, etc.
  • Most of the models remove dust, decrease, iron etc.
  • Anti-mite power. The steamers manage to eliminate mites, bacteria and allergens, favouring the health of allergy sufferers and the whole family or employees of the company in question.
  • Saving time and money. If we go to a specialized cleaning company, we can save a lot of money and, of course, time. Industrial steam cleaning equipment is not cheap, but private users benefit from its benefits and efficiency when hiring a company in the sector. The remaining time we can dedicate it to the family or practice our favourite hobbies.
  • We will use the moistened clean cloth and rub on the carpet.
  • When we have rubbed the carpet well removing the remains of stains and dirt we will pass another dry cloth so that it does not remain very wet.

The effect caused by the use in the cleaning with neutral detergent is that it is easier to remove stubborn stains and the use of white wine is that it eliminates dirt and leaves the Carpet disinfected with Germs and Bacteria since it has a high disinfectant power being an Economic and Natural ingredient.

Steam cleaning at GreenWay Carpet cleaning, whether it is homemade or industrial, has undoubted benefits that contribute to improving hygiene in the home, office or premises. Entrusting the work to a specialized company supposes a plus of tranquillity, in addition to helping the family or business economy. However, we should not ignore the small disadvantages that this technique brings. Consult our cleaning services for companies and individuals and contact us to receive a quote and/or full advice.